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We can custom build a sheet metal hood in New York, NY, to meet your needs Offering a top-of-the-line downdraft table in New York, NY If you’re looking for the best air purification system in New York, NY, contact us

Affordable Industrial Air Purification Systems
in New York / New Jersey Metro Area

From Industrial Air Filters and Ambient Air Cleaners to complete Dust, Smoke, and Mist Collection Systems, we have the products and know-how to build an efficient air filtration system for your business. At Clearstream Systems, we use Filtration Equipment and Ductwork, with Hoods, to capture pollutants at their source and then recirculate Clean Air back into your Facility whenever possible. Our company also sells everything you need to keep your system functioning at optimal levels. When we install your air purification system, rest assured that it will help you meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Association standards.

Don't let the people that you are responsible for continue to breathe dust particles and other harmful VOC's. We specialize in removing airborne contaminants such as:

    Welding Fume | Grinding & Deburring Dust | Coolant Mist | Soldering Smoke | Solvent VOC's | Pharmaceutical Dusts

     Wood Dust & Chips 

Our industrial air purification systems in New York, NY, help keep air clean

Well-Made Products for an Effective System

Put the industry-leading brands to work in your plant. We only install high-quality name-brand products into our "Clearstream Systems." Trion IAQ™ produces an array of indoor air quality equipment. We also use dust collection equipment from Filter 1™ Industrial-Maid, LLC and Diversitech™ to control pollution and improve the air you breathe.

Benefits of a New Air Purification System

Besides improving the air quality, a new air cleaning or dust collection system affords you several other perks. With less combustible dust accumulations in your factory, your company usually experiences a reduction in the cost of liability insurance. With less dust, there are reduced machine maintenance and housekeeping requirements.

New industrial air purification systems in New York / New Jersey Metro Area, are an investment in your future earnings--our “easy to maintain” systems also aid in keeping your crew healthy, thus reducing sick days. When your workers feel good, they work more efficiently, and your production goes up!! Whether you need a dust control booth or an air filtration system, contact us.